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What is Master Production Schedule or MPS?

A Master Production Schedule or MPS is the plan that a company has developed for production, inventory, staffing, etc.  It sets the quantity of each end item to be completed in each week of a short-range planning horizon. A Master Production Schedule is the master of all schedules.  It is a plan for future production of end items.

bulletForecast Demand
bulletProduction Costs
bulletInventory Costs
bulletCustomer Orders
bulletInventory Levels
bulletLot Size
bulletProduction Lead Time
MPS OUTPUT (production plan):
bulletAmounts to be Produced
bulletStaffing Levels
bulletQuantity Available to Promise
bulletProjected Available Balance

The Master Production Schedule gives production, planning, purchasing, and top management the information needed to plan and control the manufacturing operation. The application ties overall business planning and forecasting to detail operations through the Master Production Schedule.

The Master Production Schedule will drive detailed material and production requirements in the Material Requirements Planning module.

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